What is Standing Bar?

Standing Bar is Hanoi’s go-to location for craft beer lovers! Built upon the Japanese concept of Tachinomiya (quite literally standing-drinking-place) Standing Bar is the perfect destination for an after-work drink and bites with colleagues, a few quality ales and tapas before a night out on the town with friends, or perhaps a late night one-for-the-road and midnight snack.

Craft Beers & Ciders

Boasting an impressive tap room featuring 19 taps, Standing Bar serves up brews from a host of Vietnamese craft beer brands across the length of the country, in the process gaining a deserved reputation as a place where almost any beer brewed in Vietnam can be tasted.

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Tapas & Food

Eating and drinking at Standing Bar naturally go hand-in-hand. To complement the drinks on offer Standing Bar serves up a rotating tapas menu of nibbles and small plates, designed to both match and contrast with the beers on offer. Servings are small to enable you to enjoy a variety of flavours whilst plotting your route across our beer map.

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Standing Bar is located at #170 Trấn Vũ Street in Trúc Bạch Ward of Hanoi’s Ba Đình District.
The house lies on the very edge of Trúc Bạch lake and faces west with
the terrace upstairs offering engaging views for sunset over Trúc Bạch and West Lakes.

Events & Parties

Procuring a venue pre-equipped with a natural stage seemed like destiny as we toyed with the idea of hosting live events at Standing Bar. As such it has developed as a cultural events venue, playing host to a series of touring international live bands and we also some of the leading players on the international stand-up comedy circuit.

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